Saturday, last races for Derek, me

Saturday was very low key for me. I woke early but didn’t get up until about 8 or so, in time for guess? free breakfast of course, served until 9:30.
The rest of the day I just stayed inside, rested and mentally prepared for a points race later at 6 P.M. the first race of the evening schedule. I was feeling good, rested but apprehensive about what gear to use and how fresh I really would be.
Lunch, more relaxing and then before we knew it, load up and head for the track. I had plenty of time to get my normal extended warm up in. Seems like the only way for me to be ready for every first race is to log lots of K’s in before the event and make sure they activate all the right energy systems.
All the races started with a bike check, mostly for weight toward the end of the week. Earlier, bikes were check for dimensions as well. No racing was allowed without a bike weigh in and then you needed to keep it in the holding area until race time or it needed to be checked again.
The points race started with me at the front doing a casual ride near the rail for about 2 laps. I wasn’t going to do any effort and no one else wanted to either. 30 lap race, sprints every 6 laps so the pace picked up about lap 26. Certainly not my freshest race, I never really was in it, just holding on as the pace continued to increase. Eventually I was in the second pack out of contention, mercifully the race ended, I got a good last lap in, passing a few riders and ended 9th overall, first rider with no points.
Roll around some, back to our pit tent and then time to re gear, pack and call it a race week for me.
Dan and Derek however still had scratch races to do.
Dan was smart, his dream of a 5-6 man break worked out and he eventually got a lap on the field and came in 5th in a big, competitive field, another medal and enough to get him the BAR(Best All Round Rider) for his age group.
Derek’s group was the last race of the night, he stayed in contention until the end but missed the attack with about 2 to go salvaging 5th place overall and another medal for him.
After that, it was all about packing up and going back to the hotel.
We stopped at the local diner/lounge near the hotel, had a few beers and some food and then back to the hotel, not wanting to go to bed, just burning off the excitement of the night and the week.