Wednesday, Scratch race, 5K

I am up and relaxing again thinking about tonight’s race. The schedule originally showed qualifier races this morning and the final tonight but that has changed and it looks like just a final. Thankfully they had that changed before I left last night so I didn’t have to go there this morning only to come home again. The events start at 18:00 or 6 PM with race number 10, our scratch is race number 31. Another long night of waiting. Roller warm ups looks like the plan again. Warming up on the track at 5 and trying to stay warm all night seems pointless. Better to plan the timing as best I can and be ready to go soon before my event. I am looking forward to this race, 30 laps is all, should be fast if last year was any indication. At least this year they have it listed as 30 laps, last year they changed it from 40 to 30 as we leaving the warm up circle to get on the track.

Dan’s Pursuit ride is this morning, I saw him before he left the house and he seems good, hopefully another great ride to back up last years Gold medal.

Our home base at the track is a good spot again, almost the same as last year. It’s on the back straight for good viewing, one spot away from the track entrance, right across from the warm up circle and most important right across from a head marshal who has the order of riders and heats before anyone else so we can check in with him to know when we race. This has been good because the rest of the printed schedules are on the south end of the track under turn 4 down a ramp and they don’t seem to be very good at getting the sheets out, certainly not for my age group.

The warm up circle is interesting, similar but totally different then the tarmac circle at Blaine. It’s where riders are contained just prior to their race so the judges can check off numbers and make sure everyone is present. The surface is a basket ball court wood floor, just a small part of the court. The rest of the infield and court is covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. You can ride around in circle, actually a square, but it is tiny so you just barely roll around trying to be aware of riders coming on and leaving.

OK, time for my only real job today before I race. My rear disc tire seems to be leaking air faster than normal so I need to try and find what’s happening. It may have actually been quite low for my 200, not sure. Hopefully just a loose valve stem. I have spare wheels and a new tire I could glue up but neither glue or use the rear Zipp is not what I really want to do.

The Cycling Masters web site seems to be blown up as of last night so that adds a bit of drama, I can’t get on and see if there are any changes today before I go over. Hopefully the schedule I got last night stands true.

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