Friday, really?

Dan and I finally got to bed about 9:30 or so, watching a movie. The next thing I hear is Dan breathing like he is asleep, guess what, he is. OK time for lights out. We both woke up a few times during the night but felt good. The next thing I hear is Dan saying, You still sleeping!! Well yes, it’s 9:30 and our first track season starts at 10. Out of bed, grab my track bag, which luckily I packed the night before, some food that I bought the night before and off we go. Good thing the track is close and Dan has all the quick back ways figured out. Dan got us a rental car for the week, a brand new Fiat 500, bright red, barely room for 1 bike and and all our gear. The track session is just getting started as we get there and Is 2 hours long so not a problem. Up on the track with about 30 others, riding faster than I need to at first just getting used to the surface, which is great, smooth and easy to ride. There are lots of advertising signs painted on the surface but it seems like the surface is aggressive, not slippery so that is good. The next two hours is filled with a variety of efforts starting with pace lines at the blue line and involving some kinds of accelerations in the lane. I fit in with some of them but rolled off the back each time to just roll around and find lines. Dan got some pursuit efforts in and felt good about them. 2 hours went by fast and before we know it the British team, at let least 7 of them, are on the track doing warm up laps. We found a spot to set up for the week in the main part of the infield, hopefully we saved enough room and it will stay saved for when Mark and Dan show up. Time for food again, the cafeteria is open at the center, in we go. No credit cards, no American cash accepted, that’s ok, just pay us tomorrow. Very cool, lunch time, relax and then back to the hotel. More training time set up for tomorrow, Saturday, 2 hours of sprint related training. Should be fun, time to learn what the Brits say about sprinting.