2 Results Summary, getting to the end at the start

Lots of competitors compared to previous Worlds made this one harder, some acceptable results but for anyone addicted to this sport, none good enough ever it seems. Happiest with my 4th across the line on the last sprint in the Points race giving me 2 points and 7th overall. Finally put together a 3 man Team Sprint Team that I been trying to do for years. 7th in that event, only 9 teams however and one team DNS’d. Produced some great Peak Performances during 3 of the races, PR’s are never bad. Met a bunch more new world friends and re connected with others I’ve met in the past 7 Worlds events I’ve attended.

2017 Worlds Results
Final Position Split Final Time Time Length of Race # of Competitors 2016 Worlds Results
Team Sprint 7th 25.012, 18.390, 17.901 1.01.303 1.01.303 9, one DNS N/A
Scratch Race x 20 14th n/a


14.22 with 8 extra laps


10th of 19
500TT 17th



40.687 @ 44.240


10th of 16
Fly 200 12th



13.508 @ 53.302


6th of 9
Sprints 9th or 10th? n/a Lost 1st 2 up, 2nd in 2nd 3 up Race 3 others, 2 matches 8th or 9th?
Team Pursuit 3K DNF n/a n/a n/a 11 Teams n/a
Points x 40 7th n/a 14.39, 2 points gained on last sprint, 4th



12th of 17