Monday, weekend fly by

I am officially done with the 2010 track season, started in April and done on Oct. 31st, whew! I was having kind of a low key, down day on Sat. after the adrenaline filled Thursday night races, crash and relegation. Others continued to support me but I really didn’t feel good about being involved in the only crash that I was aware of. The plan was to take the day off and do some tourist things and get my head right for the final points race on Sunday afternoon. Vera and I went to the track to watch a bit in the morning, had lunch in their buffet, which has a been very nice and convenient. We were looking for a wine distillery that has an underground museum. If we couldn’t find it, next option was a town called Aviero, north of the track 30k or so, on the Atlantic coast. We must have missed the museum signs because the next thing we knew we were in Aviero, kind of a huge port town instead of the small town we expected, lots bigger than we expected. The downtown is quaint, with canals in the old town area where you can rent gondolas for a ride. It was blustery and raining on and off so no gondolas for us. We did find the beach area about 10k from the center of town, giant sand dunes with waves crashing like crazy from the stormy weather. A little walk on the beach to calm my mind and spirit and plus be a primer for our week on the southern coast at the Algrave. Back to Sangalhos, track town, to check schedules for tomorrow and as we drove to the track we spied the Museum sign, so we fit that in as well, last tour of the day. Kind of an amazing place, the museum is scattered in the tunnels below the distillery amongst all the aging wine and brandy of the Allianca wine producers. African art and sculpture, crystals, masks and ceremonial gear, fossils, tiles and of course old brandy and young wine. The tunnels were dark so the photos aren’t so good but I will put some of the better ones up soon. After the museum, back to the track for a short bit to wish Kim luck in her final sprint rounds and then back to the hotel, rollers in the room for a half an hour, dinner at our favorite local restaurant and say good bye to the friendly owner. Still raining, Norm and Helen and Kriz and Bieta, from Canada were our dinner partners, nice dinner and friends. Back to the hotel, more pictures of our hotel, packing for our check out bright and early Sunday morning. We were planning to leave from the track after the points race and drive 6 hours to our home for the next week at a place called Oura View Beach club, a resort sitting right at the edge of the southern coast, Atlantic Ocean.
Sunday was a daylight saving time hour change, would my phone/alarm know that? It did, we got up in time got some breakfast, checked out with a surprise that our room was 55 Euros a night for 2 not each, so half price, nice.