New York with Bushy, Andy, wives

I can’t believe I don’t have a bike box! This is the first plane ride I’ve taken for a few years that didn’t involve packing and worrying about getting bike on and off an air plane without damage. It feels kind of nice. I tried not having checking luggage but that didn’t work. As it happens, all of our carry on bags had to be dropped at the airplane door and checked because the plane was so small. The bonus was, first class upgrades for us because “I needed your” seats. Ok with me. Other than that the plane ride was unexceptional, which I guess is good for airline travel these days.
It’s now been two days in New York and I can’t remember what day it is. By the time Chris and Lynn got in later Saturday, Vera and I had explored a flea market in Hells Kitchen, close to our hotel and walked up to the Times Square area and around the library.

Sunday, all six of us are here, recovering from the flights, and the cocktails at dinner last night. A good breakfast at the Stage Door Deli, almost next door to the hotel and we are off on an open air bus tour of the lower half of Manhatten. It includes Greenwich Village, the World Trade center area, Wall Street/financial district, Battery Park, with a side venture on the free Staten Island ferry, back on the bus and up through the East side, China Town and back to Midtown where our hotel, the New Yorker, is located. Whew, quite a full day. Dinner and a walk around the Times Square area and off to bed.

Monday, I was up early to find a work out spot to least try and stay in training while here. I found an old Golds gym that was bought out by another group and offered day passes so I got my workout done and got back to the hotel before our next adventure to pier 76 and a ferry ride around the south end of the island. Very relaxing, perfect warm and sunny day to be on the water. Pier 76 is across from Hoboken so we decided to locate the Cake Boss, which we did only to find a line that was 1.5 hours long to get in. A quick picture out front and over to the local pizza joint for lunch. No cake for us today. Hoboken is very quaint and quiet compared to downtown NY so it was a nice change of pace. Filled and comfy, a local resident told us where to catch the subway back to midtown. A little relaxation before dinner and a few drinks and another day is done.