Wednesday in Brussels

Time to take a break after all the Paris, London, travel and riding that we have done. Plus, I think I may be getting a cold, just don’t feel quite right. The last few days have been great, 3 good rides and just about perfect weather. Today, overcast and cooler so a good day to find the local laundromat and catch up on a large batch of dirty clothes.

A stop at one of the hundreds of eateries along the way for a waffle and coffee breakfast and then back to our lodging.

Last night was another fun night, a few beers on the upscale avenue, 2 Belgium beers pack a significant alcohol punch…glad we stopped at 2. Earlier in the day before going to Antwerp on the trains we rode around an area just north of where we are staying and found more great neighborhoods with lots of food choices. Last night it was African, Bushy with goat, me with fish and red rice with some interesting sides of fried bananas and some fermented dough.

Some minor bike adjustments while we recover. I’m catching up on the blog and Bushy is off for a massage to work out some of the shoulder issues he has from some previous bike accidents.

Who knows whats up for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is either back to Ghent or a first time stop in Brugges with some riding along the way