Traveling and Adelaide

It’s past due time for updates. We have been traveling for the last few days, seeing the Australian countryside.
We left Goulburn and took a few days to reach Adelaide, traveling though the countryside through the highest part of Australia, then to the small resort/ski town of Bright, then further south to Ballarat, home of a recreated village around an old gold mine.
Next stop was beautiful Adelaide, home for the next week and location of the first European Pro Tour bike race of 2008.
We saw plenty of wonderful countryside as well as small towns along the way.
We got to Adelaide late Saturday afternoon, time to unpack the bikes and do a recovery ride to the beach town of Glenelg, which is on the coast and is the location of the first crit. course for the Tour Down Under.
The weather is perfect, 25 C or about 75 degrees F, sunny and light wind. Great ride to start the stay.
Next day, on the bikes for a ride to the top of Mount Lofty, highest peak around Adelaide and an hour long climb to the top. We started in warm sun and arrived at the top shrouded in fog and heavy mist. 40 minutes later and we were back down the switch backs and into Adelaide.
After lunch and a bit of rest we headed to Glenelg to watch the first race. As luck would have it, we found an open air restaurant with seats up and above the course so we had a perfect view of the first turn after the start/finish line. We had dinner, watching the race as it came by, finished dinner just in time to get to the finish line and watch team High Road, the old T Mobile team, win the first race of 2008.
Monday could only get better. Chris called the Adelaide Super Drome looking for training time. 11:00 mate, sounds good, $11.00 per hour! We unpacked and set up the Teschners for a few rounds of the Super Drome. We expected lots of action but found the place empty. Amazing!!!
We spent about an hour riding the indoor track by ourselves. It is a wonderful facility, probably better than Dunc Gray in Sydney. I am really getting spoiled by all this great riding.
The rest of the day has been spent around downtown Adelaide, tonight, curry house for dinner. The rest of the week is filled with rides, races and longing around the great town of Adelaide. (We are staying in some apartments blocks away from the center of town and the Tour village so everything is within walking distance)