Wednesday update

It’s Wed. afternoon about 4 P.M. and we are back at the hotel, Chris has control of the TV remote so I’m on the blog. I think I have the best of the picks. We have a total of 5 TV channels and as per usual, all are basically crap.
It’s been another big day though. This whole week looks like it will be early morning rises to get to the track for open training. I am so glad the track is as close as it is.
Today was a warm up session getting ready for tomorrow’s Flying 200 qualifiers and the match sprints. Up at 6:15 today and at the track by 7 and ready to ride at 7:30. I was the first one on the track today which fits because I decided to wear the First Light Team kit today. First Light is alive and well in Sydney.
My plan was some warm up laps and then some Flying 200’s in lighter gears. The first effort was great. By the time I changed gears for the second effort there must have been over 70 riders on the track. Trying to find a gap to weave between was just impossible. This track is really fast so by the time I got into turn one I already closed the gap that I found to race into. Instead, I did 2 half efforts and gave up. A few minutes on the rollers and it was time for the scratch and team sprint riders to take over at 9:00. Chris did a few light road miles while I was on the track.
We went back to the hotel for a shower and the off to Peter Bundy’s bike shop again to find directions to the Bont cycling shoe distributor which ended up across town. We found our way there only having to stop for directions once. Just another adventure in cycling land.
Back to our side of town for a bit of lunch and pick up some food for tomorrow and back to the track to retrieve the pump I left there in the morning. Lucky, it was still there after 5-6 hours.
The rest of the day will be relaxing and getting dinner and then preparing for another early morning and a full day of sprints.