Saturday 2K, by a Sprinter

6:00 A.M. alarm again, ugh. Hotel breakfast. This last week the hotel has been going through a lower level remodel and freshen up. I am on the lower level which means the reception desk has been a small table with a computer sitting on it, the hall way in front of my room is a mess, new tile and carpet going in so I need to haul stuff in and around the construction. Breakfast room is a small room with plastic over the carpeted floor and just barely big enough to do the job. This morning I went there and there was nothing. I’m getting to know the workers and staff and asked where it went and the lady in charge of setting it up proudly said “It’s where it should be”.  Too sleepy to know I walked right past it. Looks nice, works lots better.

Out of the hotel on schedule about 7:30 and at the track about 8. Session starts at 10 so my warm ups started about 9. Change to warm up gear from the night before’s decision and then on go the race wheels and race cog, same as my sprint gear this time, not quite as big as the one I used for State Champs at Blaine but big enough. That’s done, I’m the second group out with only 7 of us and I am the last heat, starting on the back straight, 2 up per heat. I really don’t feel that tired amazingly. Adrenalin is wonderful, wait until I’m done riding. Bike check/weigh in by Jeff Helgerson. I don’t have anyone to read splits and I don’t have TT bars just my normal Sprint bars, only one like that this whole week I think. I was hoping to be able to see my computer and use that as a guide. Yes, it is illegal but earlier in the week at the riders meeting someone asked if that rule would be enforced and the official said there would be a Communique addressing that. None issued that I saw. Jeff however tells me it needs to be covered. OK, gut feel 2k coming up. No start gates here so all are  personally held starts by officials. The time clock counts down from 15 seconds and then goes off, I start and hear a double gun, home straight fault. Back to the start and try again. Ready to go, clock set at 15 seconds and then immediately goes from 15 to 10 and steadies out from 10 down. My goal is to finish below 3 minutes. My best is about 2:54 and some change. I’ve tried to watch some starts to see how long everyone stays out of the saddle and of course it varies significantly, I stay out mid way through turn 3/4 which is about what I planned. Not too much stress to start and then settle in. I round 4 and a track volunteer yells, Pick it Up, which I do but maybe a bit too much. I need to do 5 laps here and get a bit weak on lap 3 but pick it up on 4 and hold it on 5. Goal accomplished, 2:57. 724. Gets me 6th of 7 only .2 away from a 5th place finish and hardware. The guy who gets 5th is Malcolm, a relatively new rider and I am happy to see he claims some hardware, best result of his week, congrats Malcolm.

Time to get out of this slimy Speed Suit, worn way too many times without a wash and get some food. Whole Foods here I come.

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