Out of town Racing in general

Let me see my way through that thought. Near the end of a season you get an idea about what next year we be like. A training plan would be good. What did I do last year? Did it work? Should I get some help? Where? A plan comes into place and then life gets in the way. The off-season comes and goes and before you know it the 1st race night happens. Goals, accomplished or yet to be? If you are lucky, you can fit in some really big events, great. Now what? Train some more focusing on some goal events. Do what you can to improve and then ease up before the event.

Traveling, always a challenge. Drive, fly, pick one. Driving is not always and possibility based on distance and resources. Flying, another bag of worms with luggage choices, gear to bring choices, safe bike packing procedures to pass through baggage handlers with the minimum of damage. Extra bag fees are a big possibility so be prepared. Once at the event, where are you staying and with who and can you spend a week with those casual friends with all the idiosyncrasies you and they bring to the mix.

I try to get into town early to check out the track, ride some if possible and tour the area for best ways to get around, groceries and other essentials. Connecting with track locals is always good to find out what the local ride protocols are. 2 tracks I am aware of ride warm up laps in the lane and effort laps above the blue line. Marymoor has a seam in the concrete, they call it the crack, that parallels the blue line about a meter above. Warm ups are done above the crack and below about a meter below the rail. Who knew?

Rest. Can’t say enough about resting between events because you are usually doing multiple days in a row of warm ups to race, race and then try to recover. Trying to be helpful to others you know can jeopardise your ability to be fresh for that event you planned a year of your life around. Be aware that even though you brought everything you need to succeed, there will always be something you forgot.

Communications and schedules. There are ever changing ways to gather information, Twitter feeds, Facebook, site web sites, sometimes there are multiple sites, some old and not current and some active. The governing body may have web sites and ways to communicate too. It is a bit overwhelming at times. Try to ask and find out. If you miss a race there can be fines, plus, YOU JUST MISSED YOUR RACE!

When it’s all over, you wonder how it all happened so quickly as you realize you are  back to a normal not so intense life maybe preparing to start the planning all over again.

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