# 2015 Australia

The 2015 Great Tour of Australia


Flying over the South Pacific, Australia time is about 6 PM Saturday, US central time about 1 AM Saturday and we have just finished dinner, first feeding of three before w get to Dallas. It’s going to be another long night on the plane. It’s still hard to get used to the fact we leave about 4 in the afternoon and get in to Dallas about 3 the same day. Hope to get some sleep so the next two days won’t be too messed up.

This is the 4th time back to Oz so the thrill of the first time was never there but that is not to say it wasn’t a GREAT adventure. It’s so wonderful to have met such magnificent friends that you can spend a month with and still be friends when it’s all over. Thanks to cycling for the connection with my best friend, Bushy and his wife Lyn.

On our long drive back, 15 hours, from Adelaide to Goulburn, we started to make a list of high lights of the trip. There are too many to list and talk about. Kind of fits with all the pictures I took, digital cameras are great for amateurs. I just take tons and hope that a few with be exceptional.

Bushy should be a tour guide because he put together an itinerary that was busy but also had plenty of down time to fit in lots of bike rides, tourist stops, great eating, naps and amazing sites, some of which he and Lyn have never seen.


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