1st Friday, We are all here, except Sam

The USA group is all together at our little house, home away from home. Andy, Chris, Jen, Sandy, me and soon to have Sam from London.

Everyone of course has a story around their travel here and we are all building new stories as we socialize and get used to what we are really up to. Maybe some of those stories will come out here maybe some on Jen’s blog, www.VaVaVelo.com , check for Jen’s views there.

First of our group to ride is Andy tonight for a warm up session only. The rest will be supporting him as we ride rollers and continue to assemble bikes in the infield. We have our spot for the week claimed, back straight right next to the track back entry gate. Dan and Timmer right next to us and other Americans right next to them. There are other pockets of Americans scattered around, it’s a big infield area.

If you are reading this Linsey and James, we all miss you here. Doesn’t seem right in this house without you.

The other comments I have heard from all the newest attendees in our little family is that everyone is so friendly here. All the staff and local coaches and people who are organizing are just excited to have us here and that another Champ event is happening. Very fun to be part of that excitement.

We are all recovering from some kind of sleep depravation due to the over night flights and the time differential so it’s kind of funny to see all the ways each of us is responding to that lack of sleep. More tails to tell, or not tell maybe.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the official start. Dan has some races, I would like to do a team sprint but I don’t think I’ll be able to find a pair of team mates. The BVV crew and I have a warm up hour in the morning to get used to the track. From then on we all have a variety of events that occur on various days and times all the way through next Saturday the 10th ending about 8 in the evening.

Best of luck to all, should be exciting.