Saturday, closing day


Linsey, Jen and Camie (from the east coast) have a full day of sprinting to finish their week of racing. Unfortunately they are scheduled for as full a sprint schedule but they will all still get a 200 qualifier and rounds to get to the finals. Linsey and Jen are in the same age group, Camie is next older group. Riders have to sign on to the schedule every day, that’s done. Their bikes need to go through a bike check to make sure it conforms to UCI specs and then they are lined up on the inside back straight rail ready for the 200 effort. Officials or helpers can push them up onto the track. Linsey and Camie get times they are looking for, Jen not so much. Linsey’s time places her in a 3 rider heat right away. She needs to win to move the finals. It’s a great race but Linsey can’t quite match the 1st place finisher so because of the shorter round schedule she will go to the 5-9 round later in the day. Jen rides a two up against the fastest qualifier and ends up in the same 5-9 ride with Linsey. Camie is doing better getting into some of her final rounds racing against an Aussie.

Sam is up for a qualifier race in between the sprint rounds and gets into the final that happens in a few hours.

The Casper, Timmer, Dean and Klipper pursuit team is on fire and gets a gold medal 1st place ride during the day as well, congrats guys.

Eventually Camie loses her final round that looked like a great win but due to a minor lane infraction on the back straight a win turns into a relegation putting her out with I think a 4th place.

Linsey and Jen do their ride and Linsey takes it for a 5th overall. Linsey’s words, nice to end the season with a win.

Sam rides his last race and does well. There is one last non champ race and eventually Sam decides to ride it as well. Linsey and I need to get to the house and pack bikes for a Sunday departure.

Group dinner at the Lotus Kitchen, same as last year, great Vegan restaurant. I think we all have been looking forward to this since last year. The group is Linsey, Jen, Sam, Sam’s parents Chris and Sue as well as Dan and Timmer. I think we ordered just about everything on the menu and then proceeded to devour it all. SO GOOD.

Time to say goodnight/goodbye and get back to try and sleep before a 7:00 A.M. wake up call. Which leads me to now, back at the house, blogging and watching Netflix prepping for a drive back to the rental car company and then the airport.