2009 NSC Season

The first night of the 2009 season jitters are over. The race season was off and running under cloudy skies and cooler temps and normal winds.
This is my first season as a Cat. 3 track racer. I was reminded of how good that was when I saw one of the newer Cat. 4 racers slide off the track in turn one during the neutral lap and take out a few riders including one guy who ended up with a broken collar bone. Short season for him.
The 3’s are more experienced but faster so there are challenges ahead for me.
My over all results aren’t very impressive at all but considering that about 6 months ago I was wondering if I would have the will and energy to be racing this season, I feel good.
There was about 11 to 12 Cat 3’s total.
Three races, 10 Lap Scratch, Miss and Out, 40 Lap Scratch. I finished 9th or 10th in the 10 lap, First called off in the Miss and Out because I put myself in a box and then got lapped a few times in the 40 so probably finished last or next to last. The pace was fast and hard but not as hard as I thought so I have optimistic hopes of improving my results in the near future.
It’s good to be racing with more experienced and trust worthy racers.
The atmosphere was great, everyone out there seemed excited to have the season going.
Linzilla did great sticking with the Cat. 3’s for a couple of races.
Kudos to Bob Williams and all the volunteers for getting the season off and running again.
I am anxious to get back on the track for Saturday and Monday training, I’ve got places to pick up.