A weekend later

May 30, 2009

The week just flew by as usual. Last Monday, the holiday seems like a blur ago.

The TT night results are in, 3rd out of 6 in my age group so that wasn’t too bad. I’m ok with that. About 60 to 65 riders total and I ended up about 50th over all. 1st real TT effort since last fall at the Firehouse 50 TTT so just getting comfy again. 21.5 avg speed.

Wed, recovery and then track race night on Thursday.

Track race this week has the first Madison race of the season so that messes with the rest of the schedule.
Cat. 3’s have a Win and Out, 15 lap Scratch and a 50 lap Points race to deal with. The points race includes the Cat 1/2’s that didn’t want to enter the Madison. That makes 3 really fast races in a row.

Personal and business stuff continue to weazel their way into my brain as I prepare for the races.
Shop scheduling and staffing continue to be a challenge to get right when the economy is as wacky as it is right now.

First race, 5 laps and then the Win and Out starts. I’m off the back at about lap 5, didn’t finish last but no placings. Used a 50/15 gear and just didn’t have the power to turn it.
Second race, I still don’t have a clear head, still thinking about shop crap so I’m off the back again. Tried a 49/15 gear, better at responding to accelerations and I stayed with the group for a while but again, not last but no prizes.
The 50 lap points has Cat 1/2’s as well as 3’sbecause of the Madison. Back to a 50/15 but I trail off at about lap 8. I got lapped 3-4 times during the race but by half way my mind seems to clear some and as the pack comes by I jump on and stay with the 2nd group of chasers for most of the rest of the race. Finally some fun was had. I stayed in ’till the end as usual which makes me feel good but doesn’t count for any points. Just a long hard training session.