Tuesday, Wednesday Gemund Germany

Both days were planned for and are cycling days primarily. We have both been itching to ride again, haven’t been on the bike since last Friday around Brussels. Just the drive into the Gemund area has been tempting us to get out and ride and try out our climbing legs, both of us being flat landers. Both days have been mostly sunny, light winds but a bit chilly, 30 to 40 degrees F. Warm enough to be comfortable riding, not so much when just standing around. A longer ride to start and then a shorter ride the second day. A visit to the local information center clarified some of the German language only maps for us. The route both days similar, easier the second day because we knew where we were going. The first day took us out-of-the-way because we missed a direction sign. Eventually we found the way to a bunch of same towns around and in the Eifel National Forest area, quite beautiful/scenic in early spring. Tough long climbs and fast twisting down hills left us exhilarated and worn out by days end. Dinner later and a drive around the area to explore. Unfortunately I think I got caught in a speed zone quick change that had a camera and I may have a speeding ticket to deal with when I return the car to Hertz. Crap, I’ve been trying to be very careful looking for speed limit signs too. Everyone else around here seems to ignore the limits.

Wednesday morning was similar to Tuesday, slept in some, 8 ish, lazy get ready and make a big breakfast to prep for the ride. We are staying in rental units that are located up and above the rest of the town with not many roads to ride up or down and the major road is under construction and quite steep. We’ve found some options of sorts but none are great. Into town and off to the same river town called Rurberg on the Rur River of course. Around to another town that we found by mistake yesterday and then a stop at another information center for advice that wasn’t real accurate. We found what was supposed to be a trail along the river shoreline to get us back to Rurberg. It was a trail, but more like a hiking trail so really rough and a few radical uphill sections that we not rideable. Eventually back to Rurberg for a cafe stop for coffee and waffles, yum. Hardly anyone speaks English around here so our food ordering skills are kind of comical. Back on the bikes and another 15k to get back to the town of Gemund, our home base. Attempt to find a better way up the hill fails. Lunch and relax time. The TV is turned to Eurosport channel for all kinds of bike races and other sports, in German of course. Might be nap time.