Wednesday Evening Report

Wednesday evening was Linsey’s 500TT. We drove to the track at the usual time, 3:45, watching all the school kids walk home in their uniforms. We seem to be in synch, this is probably the 3rd day we’ve seen them. I am at the velodrome to support Linsey only, no racing until tomorrow the first half of my Sprint sessions. (Friday is the semi and final races after qualifiers and heats during Thursday morning session)

Not a big field for Linsey’s age group but respectable, 10 t0 13 I think total. Like all fields, some are slower, some are faster. I know Linsey was targeting this event but the reality is the ride didn’t go as well as she planned, sub 40 second time for the 2 laps but that didn’t hold for long so no Podium for this event.

I know the feeling, just not satisfying at all. I told Linsey, results like this just keep you hungry and willing to work harder and better to get the result you want. I guess that’s some of what keeps me coming back every race night or day at NSC or US Nats or here at Worlds.

After her event we packed up to go home to eat and get to bed for a full nights rest. Tomorrow is another early morning for me, 6 A.M., to be at the track by 7:30 and start the warm up routine for 200 Qualifiers and then the preliminary Match Sprint rounds.

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