2nd Sunday Morning, should be in bed again

I plan to get up in 5 hours and I’m still doing this. Why, who knows but I do know the last 2 days have made the trip totally worth while. Re connecting with cycling friends from all over the world is kind of amazing. Masters Worlds is a lot about serious competitive events and efforts but it has the friend ship and camaraderie that I think other more elite events don’t have. At least that’s what others who have been to elites say is missing at elites, the eventual friendliness.

Some of our USA group and Sam from the UK just spent a great night out having a few adult beverages and a great dinner at a vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant that rivals any restaurant I’ve been to. Great food, fun talk and plans are in formative stages already, with a bit of off season to get our heads right first.

Long travel day tomorrow so I’m calling it quits for today/tonight/tomorrow morning/what ever time of day it is, more of the story to come.