The real race, matched sprints

The name Matched sprints is kind of a misleading. Our group of 17 was arranged into 1 set of 2 riders and 5 sets of 3 riders. 3 ups are  just a lot more difficult with the added rider to keep track of all the time. I was in the second heat with the second fastest qualifier from the US and the slowest qualifier from Spain. I drew position 1 to lead out the group. Mark held me and gave me a good push to get going and the other American and I moved away from the 3rd rider making it a two up race. I was controlling the rider behind me and got into turn three high ready to jump but he got me and surged ahead but only for an instant. I was right on him down the home straight and coming through turn 2 I tried to come around him, no way, he just had more than me and dragged me along to the finish. Into the rep. rounds to try and get back into the finals. There were a bunch of other rounds to do but finally the next round, me and 2 Canadians. I knew one from past years but not the other. Me in position 1 again and Mark helps me start again. The one I didn’t know wanted to be in front I guess and somehow he got under me on the back straight. It was a close call who really controlled the lane and with 2 laps to go I was OK with him leading me. As it turned out the other rider got over me and boxed me in going through turn 2. I kept trying to make a hole but it wasn’t there. As we came through turn 4 heading to the finish, I tried to squeeze through a gap that wasn’t really there as a last chance effort and ended up rubbing the outside of my front wheel against the inside of the third place guys rear wheel, I backed off to keep us upright and by the time I  sorted it out my jump to close didn’t help.

I should have the real results tomorrow.

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