Ready for Sydney, 2009

Training is done, all that’s left is managing life at home and business for 2 more days and then a long plane ride to the land of Oz.
There are still last minute things, more so than usual. I’m still waiting for a new tire to glue on one of the 404’s, axles for a new Zipp disc from County Cycles, updates on how my laptop is doing since the theft and recovery, packing… Yikes! lots to do yet before this Wednesday.
Yesterday was the last day of 2009 for me at NSC Velo.
I was to meet Chris there for some last training laps and that went well.
I was a bit surprised to see snow on the track when I got there at noon though.
Cold riding, mid to low 30’s and mindful of the slippery snow areas. That’s another first for me.
Chris mentioned track racing becoming a winter sport, this must be the start of it.

I don’t know if I am calm or nervous. Maybe a bit of both.
I leave tonight at 5 P.M. I just finished glueing my last tire this morning, kind of last minute I would say but life has been hectic getting ready for this and doing all life’s normal stuff.
I am more worried about how the bike will survive the trip and if my luggage is too heavy then anything else right now.
The airlines here are always a big unknown. I’m not so concerned about Quantas, it’s Delta/NW that always seems to be a challenge. I know I will get stuck with a big extra baggage fee for the bike box, hopefully not the other bag.
Not much left to do but try to relax and then head to the airport.
I talked to my buddy Chris, or Bushy in Oz yesterday and things seem set there.
I’ll be glad to get back on a bike on Saturday and ride some laps in Sydney.