Day Before

All the training I can do is done. It’s the day before I leave and I am trying to make sure I don’t forget to do whatever it is I need to do before leaving.

Last night at the track was fun but felt strange, hardly anyone there, cooler, windy and just enough time to do a couple of motor paced flying 200’s. At one point for about a half an hour, I was circling the track alone with no one else around. That’s the time when I feel so lucky to have our track and people like Bob, who run it. Not many can say they have a world class track to train on all by themselves. Chris described it as surreal, I think he is right. Last night of riding this season, hardly anyone here, colder temps and a big event just about ready to happen.

Next up is packing what seems like a ton of bike stuff and hoping it all gets there safe and not crushed. The Dolan frame fits in a Ritchie break away suit case so hopefully no extra fees for bike boxes. Fitting a complete bike, a set of rollers, a pump and a front wheel in the case is going to be a trick. Tonight will tell if I can do it or not. Then comes a hard case for 3 other wheels and a carry on bag for clothes and other stuff. Looks like a long night ahead of me. It’s good that my flight takes off in the afternoon so I have some time to work it all out.

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