# 2010 Worlds Masters Track Champ, Portugal

The basement is a pile of bike parts and luggage right now. I just picked up 2 luggage pieces that needed repairs after the last airplane flight they took. It’s amazing how new cases can fall apart after only one trip. Cheap, yeah right, stuff or baggage handlers who like to destroy stuff, you decide. I spent last night fitting 3 wheels into a new wheel case, hoping the TSA won’t take it apart to look and then forget how to put it back together leaving Zipps and Rolfs floating through the airport and baggage compartment loose. I packed the bike in the case and made sure most stuff fits but probably will need to weight it and adjust how it’s packed later tonight. Oh yeah then bike clothes, shoes, helmets, track bike tools, nutritional stuff and all the other gear needed for 2 weeks away. Regular normal street clothes, where do I put them I wonder.
I just happy to know that I am not the only one struggling through this packing quandary. It’s just hard to decide what to bring because additional baggage fees really add up in a hurry. Most of this stuff is just barely above the minimum size limits so the airlines can basically add lots of extra dollars anytime they want. You are at the mercy of the counter check in personnel so smile and try not to cause a problem, that means you Pat.
The last busy day at work is moving along quite nicely, open the shop early and then head to a breakfast meeting with the Chamber, back to work to deal with customers and cars, off to the bank to close on some new roof financing plans so we can get a new roof on the building while I am gone and before winter strikes. Back to the shop to try and finish the day out without any snags and then back home for more packing, weighing and re packing.
I am starting to get in vacation mode but it never seems real until we start to load the car for the airport trip.
24 hours and the adventure begins.