Goodbye Manchester, for now

One last quick update before getting on the plane home, Dan Schuller ran the last race of all the MN team, a 40 lap fun race for anyone over 50. None of the rest of was there to watch is is sad because Dan had a great race. They had a dual pace line pace lap, announced all the riders names and made a real show. The race was fast as usual, Dan having to start at the back but he made his way to the front and then set a torid pace like we see him do in Blaine up until about the last lap when three sprinters came over him in 3. They were taken up track though by a slower rider that Dan got underneath. Going through 4 however another 3 or 4 sprinters came around him again. He wasn’t sure but thought he ended up somewhere in 4th to 6th place over all. I finally got to see downtown Manchester having dinner with my friends in a pub at the center of the towns shopping and entertainment section. Wow, quite a different look than what I’ve seen all week. Time to grab some food and off to the airport in the shuttle. Minnesota, here I come.