Monday night live at NCC

National Cycling Center that is (NCC)

It’s ten to 7 on Monday night and the races are back on. We started at 10:30 this morning, had to take a break at 2 to 5 for the British national team to train and then they gave us the track back for racing to start at 6. I had sprint rounds this morning, Dan Casper and Dan Schuller had pursuit times. Warm ups were a challenge. Rollers like usual for me and then ready to hit the track for a fast warm up kilo. I had the time al planned out so I would be ready for the 10:30 start. As I walked to the track entry I see a line up of riders waiting to get on. They would only allow 30 riders on so we had to wait until someone would come off. Running out of time for waiting I went back and changed to race wheels and gear so I could get in line and do a modified warm up procedure which really did not go so good. Learning all the time, be prepared for a different kind of warm up procedure. I was out first of our NSC group with qualifying 200’s and did not produce a very good time, slower than Portugal last year and slower than Blaine this summer, 13.359, crap. It felt good and the line was good but it was just slow. Most of the others were 12’s with the fastest at 12.08 I think. It did qualify me for the sprint rounds at 11th out of 12 qualifiers. Next up for me was a 3 up sprint with last years world champ from America, Mark Rodamaker and my old friend (not really) a French guy who beat me last year at worlds in my first round. I drew position 1 and lead the two of them keeping the pace high and getting faster, coming in to turn 3 right before the bell I had both high ready to jump, Frenchy behind Rodamaker who I thought would keep him at by but no, Frenchy jumps in 3 again like last year and as I took Rodamaker up track Frenchy got under so we had to chase him down, me taking third. Next round was 4 up with Frenchy, an Aussie and an Italian. I draw 4 this time and Mark Stewart does a great job again of getting me started. I am high, controlling all three trying to be able to take the banking to my advantage going into turn 3 and get behind Frenchy and let him drag me home but the Aussie would not let me in so eventually I dragged the Italian to the line and got 4th. Done for the day. Perspective, 4 more races to do and I am at a great place enjoying what’s happening so I need to plan to take some revenge later this week. Next time up, Wednesday evening for a 500TT. Dan Casper on the other hand is going fast, 3k pursuit, qualified 1st with a 3:33.5. He is back tonight for the finals and is on the rollers right now getting ready for a later start. Dan Schuller did great in his 2k considering he just got here yesterday and is rested but probably not quite acclimated to the time yet. He did a PR at 2:32.? Mark Stewart has a day off and as I look around he and Laurie are in the stands right above us on the back straight watching. I am sure I will get tired of it by weeks end but watching the British team train during the break was amazing. Super fast motor paced efforts, great looking team pursuit efforts and lots of flying 100’s and 150’s. There will be more to report, hopefully good stuff about Dan later. This is your BBC blogger signing off.