1st Sunday in Belgium

Well, not quite as planned. We didn’t have the train and metros figured as well as we should or could have. Plus we didn’t have the Ghent Welvegem bike race as a prime race to watch. Thinking the race would neutral start in Ghent without making sure was a mistake. It started up the road from Ghent and by the time we arrived in Ghent there was no chance to chase the race down. We rode around Ghent, a marvelous old central city area for quite some time stopping for some lunch before our 60 K ride back to Brussels home. Google maps worked OK but holding a phone while riding over cobbled roads is not too productive. G Maps kept changing because my fingers kept bouncing on and off the phone screen and buttons. Quite annoying to say the least. Eventually we found our way out-of-town and on the way back to Brussels. Most of the route was uneventful, at least until we got into the 10 to 5 k radius of our end location.

Sunday afternoon, no commercial businesses open to speak of but everyone seems to be out and about walking, driving, socializing. Very slow going in lots of traffic that is barely moving even though we are on bikes. The great part is we found  areas that we would never have found if not on bikes. (Hopefully we can find them again) Great squares with groups dining outside just enjoying the day off. Grand Palace squares of cobbled streets, cool ethnic areas with people everywhere.

Back home eventually, dinner out at a local restaurant, back to relax and watch Netflix.