Tuesday, Last Night in Pepin, 9/29/20

Night before leaving

Last night in the Pepin Marina for, not sure how long, maybe forever. The weather is not looking great for my planned 4 day adventure trip up the river ending at Watergate Marina just north of St Paul MN on the Mississippi River, winter home for 2020/2021. I’ve dropped my truck at Watergate and Vera is with me to drive the Caliber back home leaving me in Pepin Wi with only one way home, by boat. A bit nostalgic and sad. I’ve been here the last two summers and a bunch of years ago spent numerous summers. It’s been a great area, fun sailing plus the roads around here are where I first learned how to ride a bike, especially up hills. This summer I’ve spent a lot of overnights mid week, something I never could do while still running my car repair shop. Met some nice fellow boaters, socially distanced. The chance to escape to here over the summer has been a wonderful, adding some enjoyment to an ugly 2020. Retirement has advantages.