Thursday that never ends

5:30 AM and my alarm is going off for sprint day. Actually, it’s Friday afternoon and I am trying to remember what happened in the last 36 hours.
I did get up when my alarm went off, even woke a bit before it, excited to have this day finally arrive. I’ve only been preparing for it since last November so I guess I should be excited. Breakfast at the hotel, load up to get to the track early and get a full warm up in. I actually got there by 6:30 which is good because I forget my aero helmut and had to go back to the hotel to get it. Only 6 minutes away at that time of day compared to last year at Frisco when it seemed to take forever to get 10 miles to the track.
Back at the track, into the infield through the entrance that walks over the track surface on the main straight instead of walking up all the stairs to get over the bridge. During race time the only way in and out is over the bridge carrying all your gear, kind of a pain.
Three step warm up and things are feeling good. I got back to the hotel early the day before, Wednesday, and did my roller work and got to bed by 9 so I felt rested, good thing. Plus I didn’t race Wednesday, only went to the track to call splits for Dan’s 3K effort.
Race gear and wheels on, just have to wait for a couple of hours before my Flying 200 qualifier. Rollers to keep warmed up, hardly need it because the day is getting warmer and warmer. Finally our group is called, 1st out is a guy who generally wins the sprint round. He does a 12.6 something, fast, especially for this track. My best ever is a 12.8. I am out about 8th and do a 13.2 and the announcer says that is second fastest, yes, that what I’m looking for. By the end, one guy does a 12.4 and somebody sneaks in under me but I still qualify 4th over all. Last year I was 5th I think.
Now the big wait to get into and through all the Matched sprint rounds for all the days age groups. There are LOTS of them!
My first sprint round works out well, I get the jump coming through turn 1 and take off and drop my match, finishing about 30 meters ahead, one down. This is a 1 race only, on to my second sprint round. While waiting for the second race, I hear the announcer say something about the last race, he sounds excited. The guy I just finished racing broke his chain during his next race but saved it from a crash. Glad that didn’t happen with me.