The week starts with a day off

May 27, 2009

It’s so nice to look forward to an extra day off at the begining of a week, makes the weekend feel a lot longer than 2 days plus a day.
Saturday’s training went well but I didn’t expect to be as worn out from it based on how I felt Saturday evening.
Sunday was a recovery day, go the gym and stretch and do light stuff and then prepare to drive to Lake Pepin for a complete day off and lunch at a great restuarant, The Harbor View in Pepin WI. We decided to bring Max the dog along and see how he would do on a road trip. A stop in Stockholm along the way to walk through some of the craft shops was a good way to see how Max would respond to a lot more people than he usually sees. Not too bad Max, no massive barking and excitment.
Lunch was great, we got to Pepin about 1 P.M. and walked right in, no waiting in line, amazing for a Holiday weekend.
After lunch a walk on the beach with Max getting washed by the river waves.
Casual drive home and the end of a nice day. Brings back memories of sailing on Pepin and push bike riding the bluffs on off days.
Monday, a big training day planned. Weight room and track training.
Andy called and wanted to ride a casual ride so off with him in the morning for a 30 mile easy ride, back home for food and then to the gym for squats and dead lifts. Wow, I’m wasted. Sorry no track night tonight.
Tuesday, T n T time trial race in Medina at Baker Park. Reg. starts at 6, race at 7. I have to stay at the shop and close up at 6, how am I gonna make it. The traffic is on my side and I get there at 20 to 7, register, ride about a mile or 2 of warm up and then stand in line at the start for about 40 minutes, #59 of about 65. No pressure to ride fast, this is supposed to be a recovery day.
I am off and get passed by my 30 second guy a mile or so in. Eventually 3 guys total pass me, I challenged one going up what I thought was the last hill only to see 2 more hills to come, oops, off he goes.
I’m not sure of the time yet but it was fun and not too much of an effort. Met up with the First Light Team guys which was good. They are my Team mates for the Firehouse 50 TTT in August.
It’s Wed. now, got to get through the work day, go to the dentist appointment, a community meeting and walk the dog and then pack up for tomorrows track night.

I feel like the summer roller coaster is just getting started.