Where do we go from here, as the United States of America?

Where To?

Am I happy and relieved that the election cycle is over for now? A big sigh of relief, yes. I really couldn’t understand how I would reconcile my life under this autocrat for another 4 years? I probably have the resources to just say I’ll give up, move and put the country I’ve called home behind me. Oh, that’s right, our “leaders” have managed Covid 19 poorly and not many other countries will accept visitors from the USA. I still have that moving idea in the back of my mind as the country works through the Trump denial. Why you might ask? Look at the statistics after most of the ballot counting. More total votes were cast in 2020 than maybe any other past election. That is amazingly great. The results however were obscenely close. The overall makeup of the US and State houses were split quite evenly, gains and losses were had by both of the 2 major parties leaving the chance for a lot of split decisions and compromises. Maybe, that is ok, we are a Republic described as a democracy so having a discussion between reasonable members of congress is not all bad. We are trying to govern for the overall good of all residents of the USA are we not? At least that is what I thought was the premise of government. Reasonable members of government is the key words here.

Like all of us, I have people I know who don’t believe the same as I. Again, that’s good. Different opinions can lead to good decisions and changes for the better. Recently, I have had a hard time conversing with those acquaintances. They seem to think Trump is the best ever and I think he is the worst ever role model and leader of our country. I don’t know how to resolve that difference other than “just don’t talk about politics”.

To Trumps favor, I’ve done some research and there are a bunch of things that have happened under his rule that I can agree with. Some items are attributed to him just because he signed the executive order or the bill which doesn’t count as progressive, positive governance by him. Some items he has promoted and gotten some good results. Some items he has promoted and at the same time promoted just the opposite, how does that improve the country overall? Pass one small good item and then pass an opposite large rule negating the first only more so. Most all of the plans he has supported as far as I see is about improving his power, his wealth and his superiority over and at the expense of others. Those in favor of Trump will continue to focus on things like the economy, rule of law, pro guns, huge tax breaks for business and the wealthy saying those results are the best ever. In some cases, they have some truth, others have some long term devastating results. Even those lost in a forest can by accident find a way out by accident. 

I would argue that expanding the national debt beyond all imaginable amounts, caging immigrant kids, lying continuously and repeatedly like the spoiled entitled rich kid he is, degrading anyone and everyone that gets in his way, living a questionably morally acceptable life, refusing to trust in science when the facts are obvious in relation to Covid 19, climate change, the list can go on for a long time makes him less than acceptable as a leader of our nation in my eyes. 

Those who feel that putting up with a despicable person in a position of power because of one or two narrow positions he seems to support are a bit delusional in my mind. A lot of conservatives and christians voted for him just because of the abortion issue and ignored all the baseness of the man. With all the lies he speaks, why would anyone believe anything his says.

What does that mean for the future of the USA? I can’t say but I know that the future will be erratic at best. The lines seem to be drawn between the two “sides” Both sides are unable to accept compromise as I see it. In the past I would have said that lack of education leads to bad decisions and following an unproductive path. I’ve seen however, even educated people are lured into the argument to build wealth, power and control of the status quo at others expense. Some people, like Trump, are just so selfish, cruel, self-centered and gender and racial biased they can’t or won’t change even as the flood waters enter their life. Some just can’t accept any kind of change in life and are doomed to live in the past. 

I’m hoping that I at least can stay positive, accept when I am wrong graciously and take a different path, learn and grow for the better and try to improve the small parts of life that I can affect. 

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