Overview of 2018

I guess I’m not as excited about keeping my blog up to date these days because I’ve waited until almost the start of 2019 Worlds to start writing about 2018, quite sad eh?

I should have plenty of time in Manchester this year to update both 2018 and 2019. Very few of us, 2 actually I believe, are participating in Manchester this year, 2019, Dan and I are staying at 2 different locations so there will be a lot of off time between a bunch of racing. Quite a change from enjoying staying with Linsey and Andy K in LA. The three of us travel great together for big race weeks. Nice to share the thrills, joy and disappointments that racing bring.


Back to 2018, started my trip the day after the last night of racing at NSC. The plan was to head for CO, spend some time at altitude and using the CO Springs track as well as the Boulder track and then some additional higher elevation training in Avon CO to be ready for 2018 Worlds. A little late start on Friday due to the late night at NSC and the need to sleep in at least a bit before a 7 hour drive to Kearney NB my usual mid point for an overnight.

I changed my plans this year compared to 2107 when I spent all my time in Longmont, close to the Boulder track because, well, Boulder is an uncovered venue that can have weather issues. I should know that from the Blaine track. 2017 was unseasonably cool and wet so I got very little track time. 2018, one week in Colorado Springs where there is a covered 330 meter cement track meant I could train at altitude and still do significant track work when weather turned bad and then another week up near Vail in Avon CO. for even more altitude and a lot of road rides. Then a few more days at altitude traveling south through CO, New Mexico and then arrival in CA.


The Big Picture, lead up to LA Worlds

Might work on details later on but my normal route, Mpls to Kearney NB, over night stay at my favorite Best Western with dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s. Next day up for a free break and back driving but google sends me on a bunch of state highways instead of the interstate. Must be my new plan, destination Colorado Springs instead of Boulder area. Found the AirBnB in the Springs, fancy area SW of town, basement apartment in an upscale residential area with the rest of the house empty. Kind of strange getting used to but feels ok. A bunch of road rides, some rides at the OTC velodrome acclimating to the altitude, it’s taking a while, some days good and some not. By Thursday, time to drive up to Boulder Valley Velodrome to race my second last race night of the season, NSC last week and now BVV’s last 2018 season race night. Lots of laps and efforts and then load up and drive back to the Springs, ugh. Up early to get checked out, my ass is dragging. Barely staying awake I make it up the mountain to Dillion area, actually Frisco CO and an early check in at the Holiday Inn, quick dinner and early to bed. Saturday morning, up, breakfast and drive back to Dillon reservoir to start a casual ride around Lake Dillon as a warm up before my drive to Avon, just west of Vail about 10 miles.

Avon stay starts my second week of the journey. Traded my timeshare week for a week at a place called The Christy Lodge, primarily a ski resort kind of place so not a lot happening right now which is fine by me. I love off season visits and stays at scenic places and I would call this a significantly scenic place, rough, desert like but green as well with mountain peak all around. All the while I’m going through a stressful life change realizing that my car repair business of over 38 years is about to come to an end sooner than I thought. Before I left I signed a sales agreement to sell off the car shops building and property and I also realize that almost as soon as I finish Worlds I need to get home and give employees last notice and start selling off assets. A little extra stress to deal with as I try and focus and prepare for the main events of my race year. Before I know it, this week is closing to an end, great time here, love to come back. Tough getting used to even more altitude but I love to travel and see new places and this has been a good one.

Week three means back to Longmont and BVV. Seems strange to head back east to eventually go west but the plan is to stay with Andy and Gwen a few days, ride at the Erie track some but the weather comes to play and allows some track time but also more road time due to cold, marginal weather. Tuesday arrives which means back in the car which is packed with my gear, some of Linsey’s gear and a bunch of Andy’s gear and a TT bike. South on Hwy 25 through CO and then into New Mexico with an overnight in Gallop arriving too late to get a recovery bike ride due to darkness. Next morning, load up and off to Barstow where I finally sort out some lodging mistakes on my part only eventually to end up at the Holiday Inn I’ve stayed at before. This time I’m in early enough to get a recovery ride in following roads I was on last year about this time doing the same trip. Thursday, next day up for a 2 to 3 hour drive finally coming down off the high plain and back to sea level in L.A. Check in time at the Carson Velodrome, find a place that Andy, Linsey and I can call home for a week in the infield.

Next  pages up, race specific time.