Saturday afternoon/evening

Sunday is the real start of the event but it’s only Saturday so still a bit casual. Activation today at the track was good to do. A bunch of roller work, some medium paced laps to start getting used to the track again and then 2 hard fast, big gear flying 150 efforts. Good to do since the last time I felt this effort was a week ago at NSC. The first effort was in a bunch of traffic even though I tried to get away from other riders as much as possible. That’s the way it is sometimes, plan for an opening and someone else doing an effort squeaks in. It really didn’t feel very impressive. The second effort was timed well though and felt like the real thing. Another gear change and then some more rollers to warm down. After all that official registration opened so I signed in for the week and got my numbers, lucky #328!?
Hunger set in while waiting for Dan to finish a road ride, he rented a road bike to use for the week, so off the veldrome cafe for a really goo, hearty lunch.
Timmer is now in town and was doing a later afternoon warm up session. Dan and I went back to the house for a shower and then back to the track for Timmer and dinner plans at the Local health food restaurant in downtown Manchester. Oh, it’s closed for the night! We ended up at a Braslian steak house where you can eat all you want as they carve it off a skewer at your table. Mostly good, not great but good enough. Finally back home and relaxing before a good nights sleep.
Sessions start at 4 PM tomorrow and go until 8 ish. Lots of individual efforts. My goal is to finally break 40 seconds. Wish me luck.

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