Tonight, Points Races

I’m back from watching Skibby and Dan Casper race points races tonight. 2 different races, Skibby in a 60? lap and Casper in a 75 lap race with sprints every 6 laps.
Both Skibby and Dan stayed in the pack riding smart races. The pace was fast as expected. Neither of our boys could muster up any points. Skibby came close on the last lap of his race. He lead the field going down the home straight with 1 to go but was overcome on the back straight still finishing with the main pack.
A few riders got off and lapped the field to take the top spots.
Dan stayed in the main pack for the complete race. The field never got lapped but a few fast riders, one ex pro took all the prizes.
Dan got a good jump towards the end of the race looking for points when two riders rode below him on the blue and should have been relegated but I guess they either didn’t get points or no official saw it happen.
Two really good races under close to perfect conditions. High 60’s for temps and the winds had dropped significantly.
Tomorrow, I get to sleep in again and then head to the track for warm ups about noonish for my big day of Flying 200’s and Match Sprints on Friday.
Ted is supposed to be in as well so I can turn his Tiemeyer back over to him.
The Teschner is ready for tomorrow after a minor chain lengthening to allow a 51/17 gear. It now works with 51/17 through 51/15, warm up through race gears.