Monday, a day off for me

Monday is already a blur.  What did I do all day?  No racing for me or Dan but Mark had a sprint day planned. Sprinting he says is not his specialty so he wasn’t expecting a lot. Mid 13’s for his 200 and a couple of three up sprint rounds with not a lot to show for it other than fun, warm up time and experience on the track.

I got up a bit late, had breakfast and then went for a short walk around the local neighborhood of Fairfield where an old Moravian settlement still exists from the late 1700’s . Lunch and ride back over to the velodrome to work on adapting my rollers to allow me to do assisted efforts for warm up. The track is really busy during the short time before each session starts. You get about 10 to 15 minutes on the track and then are whistled off so another group can get on and warm up. If you want, you can get back in line and maybe get on again but it’s not very productive. My plans are to do all my warm ups on rollers and add some resistance near the end to make the efforts count. (Thanks Chris for helping design these warm ups) I sorted out the resistance method and tried it out on Monday so I was sure it would work for my Sprint warm ups. Even Mark tired it out Monday evening and had some good warm ups prior to his evening matched sprints, 3 up heats.

The rest of my day was spent back at our home base relaxing and preparing for Tuesday Sprint day. I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep so I read a while and eventually got to sleep. The alarm was set for 7 so I could be there early and make sure I was ready. Sign on had to be done by 10 and I was supposed to be the 6th event of the morning, more on that later.

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