# 2008 Australia


Imagine a month of racing in Australia at the invitation of a great friend and fellow track racer, Chris Bushell.

Well the adventure starts 12/31/07 and ends 2/5/08.

Over a month of riding racing and enjoying the Tour Down Under as well as all that Oz has to offer.

The logistics of getting 2 bikes, road and track and all the necessary gear across is tough.

A bike box big enough for 2 bikes and 4 wheels without damage.

I picked a Velo Safe II, hopefully it will be safe. No damage allowed for the Teschner, 2 Zipp 808’s and a Ti road bike and wheels.

Now is there any room to bring clothes and normal vacation stuff.
There is still a lot to get ready before my wife and I leave, organizing my Auto shop staff enough to have me missing for a month and still come back to a viable business would be good.
Making sure our home is prepared for that long a trip, getting finances in order and oh yes, back to bikes and packing.

The plan is to get to Oz, meet up with our hosts, Chris and Lyn and drive to Goulburn, our main location and their home. Once we get there, we can get to all the other venues, Sydney, the Sydney Velodrome/Dunc Grey, eventually Adelaide and the velodrome there. Plus once we are in Adelaide, the Tour Down Under starts, first Pro Tour race of the 2008 season.

Hopefully, we can get some great pictures and maybe some video of track and road races and share some of the warm fun with the cold north of Minnesota.