Less than 24 hours

It’s Sunday afternoon, the e tickets just got printed, bags are packed, we just need the snow to hold off here and in Denver so we can get to LA and then Sydney without any delays.
The bike box may still be a bit of a problem. It’s considered over sized and at about 62 pounds total with only bikes and wheels there was no way of making the 50 pound max. limit.
That may cost me some extra $ but better than any other method I could find to get them there.
Maybe lucky for us, there was an option to pay a little more money and get extra leg room on all the flights from Mpls to Sydney. I took the chance so we will have to see if that was worthwhile or not. 5 extra inches and some aisle seats can make a big difference on a 14-15 hour flight.
The last two days of training have been a wash out, I’m either ready or not by now anyhow.
My OZ buddy, Chris, tells me there is a road race the night we arrive, should be interesting. Drive from Sydney for 2 hours, put the road bike together, start riding and try not to fall asleep after the long trip.

Here we go!