A week in Goulburn, 1st inland city in Oz

The last week has been pretty casual. We are back in Goulburn after a fantastic time in Adelaide.
Chris said the trip back was going to be a long day and he was right.
We were on the road at about 4:30 A.M. and got into Goulburn about 6:00 P.M. Not a lot of excitement along the way, about 5 A.M. there was a kngaroo standing in the middle of the highway, in the dark. We really didn’t want to hit him. It’s kind of like deer coming out of the woods in the early morning or evening so you have to be careful driving during those times. We saw two other roos later on the side and then saw an Emu running along the road as well. It got into the low 30’s C during the day and the a/c in the vehicle kept freezing up so mid day was pretty warm driving. Eventually we got it to thaw out and things got better.
Tuesday was a rest day, we went for an afternoon bike ride but both of us were wasted from the drive back, plus it was about 33 degrees and windy. (mid 90’s) Tough ride because of the hills, wind and temps and fatigue.
Wednesday we decided to drive to Canberra and go to a Cricket game, the Prime Ministers Eleven versus Sri Lanka. We have been listening to cricket on the radio while driving so we thought it might be fun, which it was.
Chris calls the game an excuse to drink beer and there certainly is a fair number of drinkers attending. People are limited to 4 beers at a time but can go back as often as they like. We stayed for about 4 hours, which was about half way through the game. Australia lost to Sri Lanka.
Thursday was another easy day starting with an easy tour of Goulburn on the road bikes for about an hour and a half, stop at the local coffee shop, Gloria Jeans for morning tea and ending with a BBQ at one of Chris friends home, Scotty and Michelle. We met some more friendly Aussies and had a great dinner. It was also time to pack up the road bike for the trip home.
Friday we were planning a motorbike ride up the coast but it was raining so we decided to drive around some of the local country towns instead. We are very close to the “Great Dividing Range” which is the mountain range the runs north to south and devides the eastern part of Oz from the west. Great scenic views, not very high, but great rolling hills instead of mountains.
We ended the day by going to watch a few of the local track races at the Goulburn track. Nice time with lots of kids racing as well as adults.
Today, we are packing to head to Sydney, the Clarence St cup races at Dunc Gray velodrome is tonight.
The races are well attended by the likes of Ben Kertsen as well as a couple of the races from the Tour Down Under. Someone is going a an hour record attempt from5 to 6 as well. We start racing after 6:30.
While I was at the Goulburn track last night I saw a memorial placque that said Dunc Gray stadium was named after a man nick named “Dunc” Gray who was born in Goulburn and was a track racer and won some major races in the distant past.
We are planning to stay in Sydney, an area called Manly, on the habor for a few days before we fly home to the cold again.
The last few days have been a bit melancoly because we know the big trip is coming to a close.