# 2009 Worlds Masters Track Champs, Sydney

Oz again in 2009.
I really didn’t think a year ago I would be packing for another Oz trip but all the stars are aligned and off I go again.
This time, bike racing at the Worlds Masters Track Championships are on the menu, Sydney Oct 17th to the 24th.
My work with coach Chris Ferris has paid off over the year and I have been lucky enough to have great results. Track record for my age group at the Blaine NSC track for Flying 200’s, a few exciting nights at Thursday Night Lights events and then a trip to US Master Track Nationals with good results. All this along with great support from my wife Vera, coach Chris, Bob Williams, the track manager at Blaine as well as all the other racers that have encouraged my progress.
Of course, my buddy Chris, AKA Bushy in Oz has had some not small part in making this happen. He has generously offered support and lodging while in Oz. He is also racing at the Worlds, just glad we are not in the same age group.

There will be more info and pics along the way, this is the last weekend at home preparing for the trip.
Last night was training at the track with Chris Ferris, mid 30 temps and doing Russian Flying 200’s. Quite fun but COLD!
The warmth of Australia is calling my name.