Sunday afternoon, before it all starts

Another day closing down, it’s 4:30 and we are back from the track again, relaxing some but also preparing for the start of the Worlds tomorrow. I guess technically today is the start. The UCI has taken over the facility with registration, all the officials and the set up. The scheduled track sessions were run by the local officials under the UCI banner. There were multiple 2 hour training sessions that had to be pre arranged and paid for. All the riders seem plenty casual yet but are a bit more serious than the last day or so. The numbers are growing. Dan and Caroline are in, Dan got at least a few laps in before going to the hotel to sleep. He was still thinking it was 3 A.M. after just getting off the plane and coming to the cycling center. Tomorrow is sprint day for me and Dan Casper is scheduled for pursuits. My plan is to qualify in the morning, 2nd event of the schedule, and make to the later rounds that happen after 6 in the evening. We have to take a break every day for the British National team to have their normal grainy session, interesting. The evening sessions all start at 6 P.M. Today was activation day for me, roller warm ups and then some not quite full on efforts to get used to race gear and race lines, which are getting better. It’s been fun to recognize and strike up conversations with other cyclists I’ve met from the last 2 years of Worlds. The weather here is soft, meaning rain and mid 40’s or so temps, glad to have a roof over our heads. The rest of tonight’s plan is rest, dinner and to sleep early for me. Dan needs to go back to the track and work on adjusting his saddle position. The word is the UCI will be strict about all the bikes having a level saddle and his is not quite there. The measurement jig will be set up soon so he can measure the bike make sure it’s right before the comp starts tomorrow. The race is almost on.