Goulburn Track Power

First Competitive outing for the Team Speedfix jersey in Australia.

The carnival started under hot and sunny skies at 2 in the afternoon with junior races until about 5 P.M.

Warm ups for the seniors at 5 and then the first race of the night, Masters category, C grade. There was about 20 riders in the 5 lap “heart starter” scratch race. I started close to the front, rolled off and got back into about midpack on the first lap. Around lap 4, I was in a good position drafting some bigger riders, not working hard at all. Lap 5, riding along the measurement line behind one rider as we neared turn four the pace picked up but the rider in front was not up to the pace and kind of blocked me as some others came over the top. I finished about 5th or 6th overall. Not too bad for the first race. Seemed easy and I feel I could have gone a lot faster.

2nd race, another 5 lap scratch but with handicapped starts. I started at 300 meters out. I was doing well, 5th overall until about the end of lap 4. I had been in no mans land riding alone and was running out of energy when the rest of the pack came over the top and dropped me. Finished about 12th out of 16. The top 4 would return for the final.

By the time our next Elimination/scratch race or Miss and Out was about to happen, the clouds came over and then the rain, a massive rain shower that put an end to the nights racing!! 2nd year in a row for this race to get rained out after the junior events.

Back to the Dog Pound for a BBQ and a beer or two. Remember, riding, racing and drinking a few beers in OZ is the name of the trip.