Bike Geek Page of Statistics plus

Hi all, I’ve been back in MN now since Sept. 20th, wow, 19 days already. Have I given up riding a bike, well NO! Approx. 500 kilometers since my return. I am finally sleeping through the night on USA time again. Getting my USA body rhythm back again took longer than I expected. I am […]

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Epilog of sorts

Bushy, Scotty, thank you so much for thinking of me and inviting me to join you on this marvelous adventure. I am not sure I can adequately express all the gratitude with words. I think the three of us have all had our moments. Thank you! My family, my wife Vera, thank you for understanding […]

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Last three days to finish

Goulburn, Tuesday, 9.13.22, rest day #2             The mini break continues in Goulburn for one more day until we ride for the last two days and finish this epic adventure. I am glad we made some adjustments to the overall schedule. We adjusted to help recover before the last 250 kilometers of the ride as well […]

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Last Ride Week and then some 9.6 to 9.9 

(Actual week 6 and Monday of week 7)  Yackandanduh to Wagga Wagga, Tuesday, 9.6.22, 163 kilometers             The last two days in Yackandanduh were a well needed break as I have mentioned in my previous posts. Now, back to serious ride distances again. 163 kilometers is just over 100 miles, generally considered a significant milestone ride […]

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Week 6 plus update 8.31 to 9.5

Ararat to Castlemaine, Wednesday, 8.31.22, 140 kilometers There is so much packed into each day on this adventure, recalling what happened even a few days ago seems impossible. There are days like this one where I have very little memory of where we were and what was outstanding. What I do remember is another wonderful […]

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Weeks 4 and 5 Update, 8.21 to 8.30

So much to remember in these last nine days, I suspect I won’t do justice to all the great experiences and all the laughter moments. I’ve done well journaling most all the days since leaving the states but as the adventure wears on and days fill, there seems to be less time and less dedication […]

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how to Subscribe to this blog

How Do I Subscribe to the Blog to get automatic announcements about new content?             This might be harder than it really should be but here ya go. To subscribe to all new content, click on the word MENU at the top right of the blog. Then click on one of the main headings that are […]

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