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Hi all, I’ve been back in MN now since Sept. 20th, wow, 19 days already. Have I given up riding a bike, well NO! Approx. 500 kilometers since my return. I am finally sleeping through the night on USA time again. Getting my USA body rhythm back again took longer than I expected.

I am still working on getting Aussie pictures and video organized. I am getting close to putting them up on this blog. I’ll try not to make it boring. There is a ton of pictures and video and that’s just my media. I am sure that Bushy and Scotty have an equal amount. I’ll get mine up and then I think Bushy may have the Black Dog Institute working on some of his.

In between working on media I’ve put together a post that is mostly for those bike geeks who are demented about bike ride DATA. Like all sports, biking can have all sorts of ways to measure performance and results. Below is a list of that geeky data. Those who like data, enjoy. If you don’t like data, well there still might be some interesting points of information about the overall ride from Aug. 1 to and including Sept. 12. Hope it fun for you to see this. Or you can just think, what a crazy way to think about biking. Enjoy either way.

            All the stats related to Pat’s 2022 bike ride across Australia and then some for those of you who love to analyze bike data. Scotty’s will vary some from this but will be similar.

States crossed                                                                     4

Western Australia                                                              1520 kilometers

South Australia                                                                   1550 kilometers

Victoria                                                                                 1117 kilometers

New South Wales                                                               470 kilometers

Started at                                                                 Perth, Cottesloe Beach, Indian Ocean

Finished at                                                               Sydney, Bondi Beach, Tasmin Sea

Kilometers ridden                                                              4403

(For you Americans, miles)                                              2736   

Average speed                                                                    24.6 kph

Start day                                                                               7.31.22

Finish day                                                                             9.12.22          

Number of ride days                                                         35

Number of days total                                                        44

Average # of hours per day, start/finish                      6.75

Average # of ride hours per day                                    5.52

Shortest day on the bike                                                  3:09 Hours

Longest day on the bike                                                   9:06 Hours

Average kilometers per day                                            125

Number of 100-mile days/Century                               7

Number of 90 mile plus days                                          10

Longest mileage day                                                         199 kilometers

Shortest mileage day                                                        48 kilometers

Calories burned while riding                                           93387 calories

Average calories burned riding per day                       2524 calories

Estimated number of pedal rotations                          921,600 revolutions

Total TSS (Training Stress Score) score                        11463

TSS (Training Stress Score) per ride day                      310

Biggest TSS score, one day                                              833

Smallest TSS score, one day                                            78

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