Adelaide Break, 8.23 & 8.24

Arrived in Adelaide in the rain Monday afternoon, 8/22/22, end of the day, about 2 hours of cold, high traffic riding still on A1 all the way into the central business district and our Airbnb, which wasn’t ready to occupy at 2:00. Another high paced average speed, SCOTTY!!!

We found a local Italian cafe who would let us in and drip on the floor, get a coffee and food, even store our bike in the storage room. Very nice and appreciated.

We are leaving tomorrow, Thursday the 25th as we head along the east side of the country. The last few days have been wonderfully relaxing. Laying around, very comfortable 3 story accommodations within easy walking distance of restaurants and the central shopping area. Wet made full use of the downtown Rundle Mall area, reclaiming my lost Skratch Labs order, thank you US Postal, not! Picking up needed small supplies, replacing broken GoPro mounts, adding better wet weather bike gear in anticipation of more rain. (I’m tired of wet feet) A better high vis light vest for higher density traffic. All good things.

Bushy and I may still get a short bike ride in this afternoon before our plan to hit the Coopers Beer Ale House for dinner and a beer tonight.

Tomorrow, back to the 6 A.M. alarm and a climb into the Adelaide Hills and Handorf and eventually Talim Bend for another overnight, a little over 100 kilometers. I’m really looking forward to this ride and have been for a bunch of days.

I’m slowly organizing all my photos and trying to post them as possible in some sort of chronological order as best I can sort them.

Photo Gallery #2, #3 and #4 are up with a few pictures, go the the MENU, top right and click on that link if you want to look. I have a ton more photos as well as video, this blog stuff is harder than the ride, maybe!

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  1. So glad you had some time to spend in Adelaide! Cheers to your amazing organizer and support vehicle driver, thanks Bushy!❤️

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