Sunrises and Sunsets

Celebrating the natural Australian beauty!

Time for a video break and get back to pictures. One of my hopes for this adventure was to get immersed in Australian nature for 30-40 days. Riding a bike for any long endurance adventure allows you to get intimately connected to your location and this was no exception. Insulated inside the van for the drive from Goulburn to Perth gave way to a physical connection to the countryside on a bike, experiencing the rain, the cold, some warm days, the wind on our backs and in our faces. Once the day started, there was no quitting until the next overnight. Usually meaning an average of about 6 to 7 hours and up to 8 to 10 hours immersed. Trying to take in all the nature that Australia has to offer while paying attention to safely navigating the busy roads. Some would say the view is boring and repetitive, not me. To me it was/is glorious, remote, stark, expansive, alluring, captivating plus a whole bunch more. 

The ends and beginnings of the days, especially in Western Australia were hectic with food prep and consumption, sorting and picking what each of us thought would be the best combinations of clothing to wear on the bike to stay, safe, warm, dry, and comfortable enough to stay on a bike from hour to hour. The ends of the days were busy finding the lodging for the night, unloading the van, showers, and body care, finding the dinner location, and then getting back in time to get a long, good nights sleep. 

With all of that, trying to capture some of the amazing sunrises and sunsets, mostly during the first half of the ride, these pictures were high on my list of photo shoots highlighting the remoteness and alluring beauty, adding to my list remembrances. 

Here’s hoping these attempts to capture mother nature at her peaks give you the same feeling of awe I experienced along the way. 

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