Videos Madura and Eucla W.A. Aug. 10th & 11th

August 10 and August 11th, 11 days to cross Western Australia, one rest day.


January 1, 2023, and I still can’t stop thinking about an unbelievable 2 plus months in Australia, July through September. Plus, I’ve only shared video from the Western Australia portion of the adventure. Like a voyeur, I keep looking at the hours of video I filmed while there and reliving all the marvelous time. Having the video allows me to watch some of the scenery without having to worry about running up on the back of Scotty, rolling off the “verge” of the roadway to the left into the red dirt, mud, bush, whatever and/or rolling off to the right and have the walkie-talkie go off with “Pat, get off the road” from Bushy in the van behind us. We saw a lot; I personally saw more than I usually remember mostly through peripheral sight more than  direct sight. Viewing and editing videos and then posting select choices allows me to be immersed in all the feelings of those moments. I’m generally not one to look back but to look forward in anticipation. I think I can take a break for a while and relish the summer of 2022, or was that winter of 2022, it was in Australia. 

This post will get us across Western Australia, once driving with a slight detour to Kalgoorlie and once riding a bike 1520 kilometers from Perth to Eucla/Border Village. One state behind us and 3 to go before Sydney. 

For better or worse, there will be plenty of days and video remaining to share, enjoy, I did. 

To find the videos, as always you can click on MENU at the top right of the home page to open more options, scroll down to Aug. 10 and 11 or the easy way is to click on the link below to get you right there.

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