thank you!

Huge Thank you is due!

I’ve had some time to acclimate to my home away from home for the next two months, yes, I said two months! What I do need to express is my sincere gratitude to Bushy and Scotty, my mates for this adventure. I’m really not sure how this trip really came to be. I remember a few years ago Bushy mentioned something about riding across AU. Maybe he was serious, maybe just a casual suggestion. I’m also not sure who was involved in the original discussion, Scotty for sure. As Bushy talked more about it I volunteered that I would be interested and not long after that the ball started rolling.

Covid came along and all the serious talk about a trip got postponed, as it should have been. The idea became more of a dream, wish list, point of discussion with no real date in sight. End of 2021, beginning of 2022 the dream started to take shape. On again, off again through the first part of the year and then, full on. 

Both Scotty and Bushy deserve a heartfelt thanks for all the time, energy, expense and planning that have gone into the reality. 


Also on the list is my wife’s and families support, my teams support and all the cycling friends that have been encouraging and supportive as this trip has taken shape. 

I feel extremely lucky to have such good people in my extended family. I never want to forget that overall, I have had a life that has been filled with luck and good fortune. 

As my Team mascot logo says:  A little Bit of Lucky! Hoping I can share some of that with those who are following the adventure. 

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