a week today and it starts! 7.25

“A Week Today and it Starts” Quote from Bushy

            There have been a variety of “starts” associated with this adventure and I suspect there will be more before Monday, Aug 1st when we leave Perth on bikes. Today, Monday the 25th, Scotty and I got a chance to visually experience the actual bike route, or at least some of the route between Ceduna and Adelaide. 

            Relaxing in the Ceduna motel, we all are now more than halfway across Australia, traveling on the exact same roads that we will cycle on the next few weeks. We drive to Perth, turn around and cycle back, there is only one direct road, A1. We are seeing the enormity of this adventure, we left Goulburn on Saturday, drove all day to get part way to Adelaide, Sunday arrived in Adelaide and now after about 9 hours in the van are halfway, resting in Ceduna NSW. We are driving at about 100 KPH, we will be cycling at about 20 to 25KPH. Oh my!

            Straight, mostly flat, windy, some traffic, including huge triple trailer semi-trucks, some rain, some sun all in the same day. The road is about like a USA state two lane highway with a moderate width shoulder, at least what we have seen so far. The pavement condition generally is good but has an aggressive surface. 

            Weather, seems to be warming as we head west, not hot as it can be in AU’s summer but a manageable temp. The weather pattern like in the USA is generally west to east, so the hope is for more tail winds then head winds. The temps should continue to warm the further west we get. 

            A few more driving days ahead during our “tourist days”. A chance to take pictures and look around some. There will be a couple of days off between today and next Monday to acquire a few more essentials as we get used to what we will need daily. 

            Then, August 1st,  THE START!

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