4 day summary

Internet access is intermittent along the Great Eastern Highway so these updates will come when I can connect. Also, the ride days are long which means prep time and recovery time is critical. That leaves less time to add posts, sorry.

Sunday Highlights: A 23 k ride from Applecross in Perth to Cottesloe Beach on the Indian Ocean for our rear tire dip. I rode with Chris to the beach and then another 23 k back to our lodging with Scotty.

Monday Highlights: Up early for a predicted longer ride from Perth to Northam. We left in the rain and arrived in some rain. Approx. 117 k ride, challenging, rolling terrain after the first 2 hours until the end of the ride. Good cross tail winds helped push us along. Scotty and I are figuring out how to ride at a pace that works well for both of us. Scotty is younger and stronger than me plus is used to Aussie roads, we will figure it out soon. Good accommodations at an AirBnB, thanks Bushy! Marginal internet.

Tuesday Highlights: Northam to Merredin. The hardest ride I can recently remember I have done. More rain and cool weather, still cross tail winds. Predicted about 150 K long turned into 170 k ride. I was barely turning the pedals over by the timer we got to another well worn AirBnB. Actually was just fine. The hot shower was the best, really helped revive me. No Internet. In bed and out by about 8:00, hoping for a good sleep.

Wednesday Highlights: Merredin to Southern Cross. Slept in!! Made hearty breakfasts and eventually got on the road at about 10:00. Shorter day predicted, about 100 K. Sunny and high 40’s F temperature so good weather. Cross tail winds again changing into tail winds. At times we are rolling at 35kph not pedaling! Incredible. Other times we are topping 40kph, YIKES! Today we are trying to keep the tempo low, two long days ahead os us. About 25+ k’s from Souther Cross the weather changed for the worse, rain again, at one point crossing a highway overpass we got hail and maybe 50 to 60 kph winds, crazy weather blowing from the west coast across AU. Eventual into SC, feeling good. Motel night, has decent internet access, a dryer we can use to reduce the soggy clothes pile, a restaurant 50 feet from the room. Great fish dinner, hearty country food. Back to the room to catch up, food make up for tomorrow and I’m about to call it a day, 6:00 A.M. alarm set, Nest stop over another 170 k down the road is Coolgardie. Hope mother nature treats us nice.

Total mileage so far, approx. 450 kilometers.

3 thoughts on “4 day summary

  1. I’m thinking of you often. Not easy days but I know what tough stuff you’re all made of! Hang in there & listen to your bodies! We’re all cheering for you here in the USA!

  2. Glad you made it through the tough days! It’s an amazing journey and I’m glad you have good friends to share it with. Stay safe and have fun ❤️

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