how to Subscribe to this blog

How Do I Subscribe to the Blog?

            I know this is a bit late but as is said, better late than never. 

The link to subscribe is buried some at the bottom of pages that are found under the MENU, the word you see at the top right of the blog. 

            Two ways to get to the blog:

First: will get you to the blog. A blog is  just a website with an address like any other website

Second: Click on this link

It will open one of the blog pages. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. There will be a large pink box with the words


Get new content delivered directly to your inbox

There is an empty box, type your email address into this box

Click on the black box that says


Once you do that any NEW posts will come directly to your email box. Sorry previously posted items will not. You will need to go to the full blog to see short posts and/or longer pages that are found under the MENU link at the top right. 

Hope that helps, respond back to me if it doesn’t

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