how to Subscribe to this blog

How Do I Subscribe to the Blog to get automatic announcements about new content?

            This might be harder than it really should be but here ya go.

To subscribe to all new content, click on the word MENU at the top right of the blog. Then click on one of the main headings that are in BOLD PRINT, the first one is Australia: A Cross Continent Bike Ride, August 2022. When that opens just scroll to the bottom and there is a box where you enter your email address next to the FOLLOW ME text. Click the SIGN UP button. You will get an email that asks you to confirm the subscription, make sure you confirm, if you don’t you will not be subscribed. Hope that makes it a bit easier to subscribe. 

            Two ways to get to the blog if you are not subscribed to FOLLOW ME:

First, click this link: will get you to the blog. A blog is  just a website with an address like any other website

Second: Click on this link to get to the Australia part of the blog.

It will open one of the blog pages. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. There will be

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