It’s been a while

Last winter and early spring were down times for a lot of obvious reasons. It seemed easier for me to spend time on this blog then even though the posts I was writing were less than pleasant. The world in general and my local area in particular were and are going through significant political and social change, more than I can remember for a long time.

I’m trying to adjust my attitude as the days and months play out and try and deal with Covid related, climate related and social related chaos that is still and will continue to challenge the entire world. In some ways this changeling world is good, making me and everyone think about our lives and hopefully make some positive changes for the future.

I may be a bit optimistic in my expectations for change, humans for quite some time have been beating each other up and letting greed and desire for power overwhelm the better part of what we could be.

All the above aside, I made plans for the summer of 2021, some were good plans others could not be completed. I got my little old sail boat in the water on Lake Superior early in the spring and have had some good times learning a new sailing area. I’ve been involved in a few bike races on the road, criterium and time trial events, I registered for Worlds Masters Track Championships planned for LA in early October only to have that canceled for Covid reasons. Part of that plan was to spend time in Colorado for altitude training prior to driving to LA. Those plans were all made so I’m writing this post from Keystone CO right now. Enjoying a beautiful part of the USA with Eric, a PJW Racing team mate joining me. Here for a week and then on to Avon for another week and then a drive back to MN in time to haul the boat from the water and package it up for the winter season.

As I write we are discussing what kinds of cycling routes and rides will fill this afternoon and the days ahead. More to come.

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